"Inexpensive solutions.  Not cheap ones."   


About AmberLab.ca

AmberLab.ca is a "Mom & Pop" operation outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  AmberLab is a handle "Mom" has used for a number of years.  It was a derivative for a dog "Mom" had when she met "Pop".  Sadly, "Gingerbelle" left us a number of years ago, but she is fondly remembered.

"Pop" has been playing around with computers since he was thirteen years old.  He has twenty-five years of experience as an IT Professional.  He has work in the following areas:

  • Application Development
       - Visual Basic, C#, RPG, CL and Clipper / xBase

  • Scripting
       - PowerShell, KiXtart and DOS Batch

  • Windows Environments
       - Operating systems, Active Directory and Exchange

  • Virtualization Technologies
       - VMware ESX/ESXi and VMware Workstation

  • Microcomputer and Server Hardware Support
       - IBM, HP/Compaq and Acer

  • Networking and Infrastructure
       - IBM, HP/Compaq, Acer, D-Link, WatchGuard and Cisco

  • Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Handheld Devices

"Mom" is a stay at home mother and has a diploma in Information Technology.  She takes care of Social Media, all of the proofreading and keeping "Pop" grounded.